XTJ has been playing with the technology for a few years now and feel ready to be able to offer it to our clients professionally.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is an additive manufacturing technology which is becoming popular both at home and in the workplace. Great for quick modeling and prototype applications it can even be used to create some production parts. Thermoplastics heated past their glass transition temperatures are deposited in thin layers by an extrusion head following a path determined by CAM. The parts are built from the bottom up and offer great versitility.

PLA and ABS 1.75mm and 3.0mm
Massive range of colours available

Materials also available. For more info ask here

  • XTJ Design team with over 10 years design experience are capable of utilizing software such as Pro Engineer to do mold design, draft check and create drawings and/or 3D CAD models from detailed sketches or concepts. We're a company that not only designs products, we also build molds and tooling so that we can utilize all of those skills to optimize your design project for every aspect of manufacturability.
  • XTJ Tech which is specializing in manufacturing & producing precision injection mould. It is an integration plastic mould manufactory which produces prototype mould and production mold. We have our independent workshop for mould making and another workshop with more than 12 sets injection machine for mass production. There are a lot of engineer used to work or study in Japanese company,which bring us a lot of advanced manage...
  • Our injection molding machines can handle parts large and small with press sizes ranging from 7 tons to 300 tons. All batches are fully inspected by our QC department allowing you great peace of mind.Our QC has a three-stage. Incoming Quality Control In Process Quality Control Final Quality Control